Environmental Policy Case Competition, Fall 2021

This fall’s case competition focused on environmental racism and Bill C-230. This legislation was introduced to the Canadian Parliament to address environmental discrimination in environmental policy making. Its goal, if passed, is to collect statistical information on the location of environmental hazards across Canada, as well as the links between race, socioeconomic status, and health outcomes.

Those who entered the case competition were asked to think of an alternative policy to combat environmental racism while considering the impacts on indigenous communities and potential barriers of implementing their policy. RSN’s panel of judges reviewed the proposed solutions to determine which group came up with the most effective and realistic policy.

Our Judges

Caroline Merner

At McGill, Caroline is part of the Maxbell School of Public Policy inaugural cohort of McCall MacBain scholars. With years of experience at organizations such as Youth4Nature and the Canadian Institute for Climate Choices as a youth advocate for the climate and environment, she brings rich expertise in climate communication, public engagement, and public policy.

Professor Kevin Manaugh

Professor Kevin Manaugh is jointly appointed to the Department of Geography and the Bieler School of Environment. He received his PhD from McGill in Urban Studies and his current research addresses how transportation policies can address the needs of disadvantaged populations, how behavior changes related to transportation policies affect human health and well-being, and how people of different socio-economic status respond to transportation policies created to increase accessibility.

Professor Madhav Badami

Professor Madhav Badami is jointly appointed to McGill’s School of Urban Planning and the Bieler School of Environment. Although he started his career as a mechanical engineer, Professor Badami went on to receive a Master’s degree in environmental science at the University of Calgary and a PhD from the University of British Columbia’s School of Community and Regional Planning. His research answers questions related to environmental policy, transportation, alternative fuels, transport infrastructure and more.

Professor Nicolas Kosoy

Professor Nicolas Kosoy is an ecological economist who received his PhD from the Universidad Autònoma de Barcelona. He is interested in human decision-making related to our environment and future generations, and his current research looks at alternative economic models in relation to the concept of degrowth. This research builds on his former experiences as an activist and his experience working for the U.N. Environmental Program.

Emma Watts

Emma Watts is one of the co-founders and former co-presidents (2017-2019) of RSN. Since graduating from McGill in 2019, she has had the opportunity to work in both environmental and public policy spaces. She worked with Global Affairs Canada (GAC) for two years, to lead engagement with the Executive Office of the Secretary-General to the UN, the Global Environment Facility, and various international organizations in facilitating oceans initiatives under the G7 Oceans Plastics Charter. In 2021, she took on a policy role at Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) to support country analysis and regulations changes related to Canada’s ongoing visa and admissibility policies. She is hoping to leverage her experiences as a youth in both spaces to empower and inform young people on how to strategically position themselves in each.


Giancarlo Buonamici
Auréline Guedon
Grace Hur
Michelle Pelletier
Louise Augustin

  Giancarlo Buonamici           Auréline Guedon                   Grace Hur                     Michelle Pelletier               Louise Augustin